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The Cross-border project originates from a European directive 2015/431 aimed at contributing to better traffic safety across national borders and a more efficient execution of the sentence within the European Union. The aim of this directive is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on the roads and the material damage caused by dangerous traffic situations. In order to achieve this, efforts are being made to improve the digital exchange of traffic offenders’ identity data between the various Member States.

With this European directive as its legal basis and road safety as its priority, Cross-border’s objective is:

  • to reduce the workload of the police and judiciary;
  • to shorten the turnaround time of files;
  • ultimately to guarantee better (traffic) safety for everyone.

Initially, the Cross-border project consisted of reforming traffic-related processes in cooperation with the Police, Justice, FPS Mobility and FPS Finance.

To facilitate this transformation, Pink Camel supported with outlining a new IT process from the time the offence is established until the traffic fine is sent to the offender; designing new standard letters to be sent to offenders; compliance with the obligations laid down in the European directive on communication with foreign offenders; setting up a back office and contact centre to support citizens; offering user-friendly payment methods such as a QR code and so on.

Starting with the corona fines, Cross-border has, since March 2020, also been scrutinizing the processes for criminal fines. Moreover, the know-how that Cross-border has built up in digitizing and automating processes will be used for many different projects in the future.

FPS justice / Bpost

ENI Gas & Power, the Belgian branch of the supplier of Italian origin, was recently taken over by the Dutch energy supplier Eneco.

To facilitate this transformation, Pink Camel defined a vision and strategy for the Test Competence Centre in line with the corporate strategy.

  • Staffed the team with Test engineers and Test automation specialist.
  • Set up a Test Automation Framework.
  • Coached and trained the team in DevOps/Agile Way of working.
  • Align an integrate the processes of Eni on Eneco processes
  • And successfully delivering the data migration project between the 2 customer databases.


Macadam and VAB Fleet Services joined forces in MACADAM VAB INSPECTION.

To facilitate this transformation, Pink Camel defined a vision and strategy for the Testing.

Selecting and implementing a Test Management Tool, staffing & coaching of 2 Test engineers and 1 Test automation specialist, defining & implementing a test automation strategy and Framework.

Support & steer the GDPR implementation, Project management of customer facing projects (Site Acceptance Testing/End to End testing with customers BMW & Athlon)
Decreasing by 50% the number of customer complaints. And the CIO & Functional Analyst were released from all testing activities, stakeholders cross – Europe taking now an active role in UAT validation.