Consultancy Services

Ever wondered how to make your company even better? That’s where Pink Camel steps in! We’re like the makeover experts for businesses, here to help you grow and change for the better.

Here’s what we do:

  • Understand Your Business: Think of us as business detectives. We dig deep to understand what’s going on and help you make smart plans.

  • Smooth Out the Process: Imagine building something cool. We make sure everyone has the right tools and knows what to do so everything runs smoothly.

  • Upgrade Your Tech: Like getting the latest and greatest phone, we help your business use the coolest tools available.

  • Quality Check Everything: Just like making sure your favorite dish tastes perfect, we ensure everything in your projects is just right.

  • Keep Your Secrets Safe: We act like security guards, making sure all your business secrets are safe and following the rules.

But here’s the best part: we’re not just about rules and plans. We’re also about connecting everyone in your team. It’s like making sure each person knows their special role in making your company fantastic.

Ready to make your business dreams come true? Let’s have a chat and see how Pink Camel can help your company be the best it can be!


Consultancy Services​: Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

In the world of business, things are always changing - it's like the only thing that stays the same is change itself. That's why it's super important for every company to be okay with transforming. Digital transformation is like giving your business a cool upgrade. It's about being brave enough to try new things and use the latest gadgets that make everything easier. Pink Camel is like your friendly guide on this journey. We're here to help and support you as you make these changes in your organization. It's like having a coach by your side, cheering you on to become even better!

Consultancy Services: Business Analyse

Business Analysis

When your company is going through big changes, it's super important to take a good look at what it needs and find solutions to any problems. Think of it like giving your business a checkup. Pink Camel is like your expert guide in this. We help you figure out exactly what needs to change by setting up a strong plan that matches your business goals and strategy. It's like creating a roadmap to success for your business transformation!

Consultancy Services: Project Management

Project Management

Running a project is like creating a masterpiece – it's about making your dreams come true within a certain plan, timeframe, and budget. At Pink Camel, we're like the artists helping you paint that picture. We use special methods and the best ways of doing things, but we also use good old common sense tailored to your situation. Our goal is not just to finish the project on time and within the budget but to make sure everyone involved, like your teammates, is part of the process. It's like a big team effort to create something amazing!

Consultancy Services: Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

At Pink Camel, we proudly embrace Agile methodologies, a sophisticated approach that allows us to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing landscape of your projects. By employing Agile practices, we ensure that your solutions, products, and services are not just up-to-date but finely tuned to meet the specific needs of your valued customers. Our commitment to constant involvement of all stakeholders, along with a culture of co-creation and collaboration, elevates your projects to the next level. Join us in this dynamic journey, where we blend professionalism with an inviting spirit to bring unparalleled excellence to your endeavors.

Consultancy Services: Software Test Management

Software Test Management

Test Management is the meticulous craft of ensuring your project meets the high standards your customers deserve. At Pink Camel, we take pride in supporting your projects with a blend of proven test management methodologies and best practices, all infused with a healthy dose of common sense tailored to each unique situation. Our goal is to bring your project to fruition with unwavering quality. We achieve this by engaging all stakeholders, fostering co-creation, and promoting collaboration throughout the process. The result? A top-notch service that ensures your customer's experience is nothing short of exceptional. Join us in delivering excellence through precision and collaboration.

Personal Development/ Coaching

At Pink Camel, we're all about personal growth. We create an environment where every team member can enhance their skills, learn continuously, and discover new aspects of themselves. From workshops to mentorship, we invest in your journey of development, both professionally and personally. Join us and thrive at Pink Camel, where your growth is not just encouraged but celebrated.

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Co-creation and collaboration are the only way to growth.
We embrace our partners and are thankful for the collaboration and the trust they put in us.


Knowledge is key.

Therefore our consultants adopt industries best practices and methodologies to support and guide your organization to the next level.